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Student Organization Awards (SOA)

The Student Organization Awards (SOA) is an event where the College  of Engineering celebrates and recognizes the services of over 100 engineering and architecture organizations.  Several awards are presented at the reception ceremony along with the outstanding advisor award.

When: To be announced 

Deadline to apply: March 18, 2020

Awards handed out to student organizations:

  • Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award

Recognizes the organization that demonstrates a deep, multifaceted partnership with a corporation or non-profit entity.


  • Outstanding Community or University Service Award

Recognizes the organization that best demonstrates dedicated leadership and service to the university or community and whose membership has made service an integral part of their college experience. 


  • Outstanding Advisor Award

Recognizes and honors the efforts of the student organization advisor for their leadership, guidance, and support of the organization.


  • Publicity Excellence Award

The organization that demonstrates significant presence on and attention from traditional and social media outlets.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Enhancement Award

Recognizes the organization that has demonstrated or had a significant impact advancing and inclusion through their membership and activities in the college, university, and community. 


  • Outstanding Outreach with K-12 Award

Recognizes the organization that creates and implements the most innovative or impactful engineering activity in K-12.


  • Outstanding Student Organization in the College of Engineering/Knowlton School of Architecture 

Recognizes the organization that demonstrates strength in multiple areas, serving as a positive force for the college and showing a commitment to academic excellence, leadership, diversity and inclusion, community service and professional development.