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ECouncil Leadership Positions

Executive Board Position


The President, as executive head of the Council, shall preside at the meetings, be in charge of all activities of the council, and enforce the provisions of the Constitution. The President shall have the power to appoint committee chairmen and committees as needed.

Vice President
The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President, act as Parliamentarian, administer new representative training, and be responsible for the effective coordination and functioning of the Engineers’ Council’s committees, reporting to the President thereon.  The Vice-President is also responsible for tracking volunteer hours.

You'd be taking attendance, adding people to our ListServ, and helping out on the Exec Board! In addition, you'd have the opportunity to attend the NAESC Midwest Conference.

The Treasurer shall draw all orders for payment of money, keep record of all appropriations and disbursements, be custodian of all funds, and collect all fees to the organization. The Treasurer shall perform other duties as pertain to the office, and shall not be discharged until his/her accounts have been passed upon to the remaining executive board members.

Web Master
The Webmaster is responsible for creating a central hubb where anyone can go to quickly learn about Engineers' Council.  Whether that partains to volunteer opportunities or the many events hosted each year, this webmaster will keep all of this information available and updated on the website. Duties including keeping the website up to date, and finding ways to improve the quality and aesthetics of the site. 

Expo Coordinators
The primary duty of the Expo Coordinators shall be to coordinate the Engineering Expo in conjunction with Engineering Career Services.  The Expo Coordinators shall also be available to work on service projects for the College of Engineering or Knowlton School of Architecture or other special projects, and to assist the above officers with their duties.


Director Positions

Co-Events Director (2 positions available)

Provide quality programming for Ohio State engineering students as an Events Co-Director. Examples of events you will plan and execute  include The Student Organization Awards Banquet, E-Council Activities Fair, and ArchE Week. For ArchE Week, you will use your creativity, leadership, and organizational skills to collaborate with E-Council President to plan, oversee, and market the weeklong event. You will also serve as the liaison between the various engineering student organizations. While contributing your leadership talents, you will have opportunities to interface with the Dean of Engineering, employers, and alumni. Candidates with abilities in logistics, planning, marketing, and collaboration are encouraged to apply.


Director of Finance

E-Council provides funding to engineering organizations in exchange for hours volunteered. Tracking these time contributions by the various organizations is essential for ensuring accuracy in providing funds. As Director of Finance, you will use attention-to-detail to maintain a database of volunteer hours, and assist the Treasurer with fund requests. This position also works closely with E-Council Vice President and is an excellent point-of-entry to the E-Council Executive Board.


PR/Brand Director

Do you have strong communication abilities and a creative personality? Consider the PR/Brand Director role! Your objective is to advertise E-Council to the engineering and Ohio State community. Put your innovative ideas in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: designing swag, designing a new banner, photographing key events, executing marketing campaigns, and more! Collaboration with the Webmaster will help you achieve your objectives.