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Fund Request Information


Fund Request Presentation Template

Fund Request Form can be found: Fund Request Form

Fill out form by: April 11, 2021

Fund Request Meeting will be: April 13, 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this document is to answer fund request questions that are frequently asked.

Why Engineers' Council Provides Funding
Funding provided by Engineers' Council is to promote and support student organizations. and project teams. 

Who May Request Funds
Any undergraduate student organization or project team that is part of Engineers' Council and is registered with the Ohio Union and College of Engineering. 

When can Requests be Made
Funding requests can be made at the end of Fall or Spring semester up to a maximum of one year after the indicated fund use. 

How many times can an organization fundrequest per school year
An organization can only fund request once per school year.  For example if your organization fund request during the Fall semester, you will be unable to fund request the following spring semester.  

Value of Funding That may be Requested
The maximum funding request will be decided each calendar year during regular meetings. The annual budget will be presented and a reasonable maximum will be decided during the first three meetings of the fall semester.

Attendance Policy
Each organization or team must have one voting representative (excluding Engineers' Council Officers) in attendance at all meetings in order to make a request. One absence per semester will be allowed. If an organization or team does not fulfill the attendance requirement, they will be unable to fund request for that semester. 

All fund request presentations will be tabled following the first presentation, a majority decision will be made per organization.