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Equality and Inclusion

Mission Statement: We as Engineers’ Council strive to foster inclusion for the entire College of Engineering, and plan to hold the organizations we represent accountable to treat everyone as equals.


Inclusion Initiative Details:

We have decided to amend our constitution, and ask E-Council’s leadership team to attend yearly inclusion training. We encourage engineering and architecture organizations to follow our lead, and do the same. To aid in this process, we will be sponsoring a yearly Inclusion Training workshop. This year, we ask that each organization that wishes to be recognized by the Engineers' Council bring at least two members of their leadership team to our workshop outside of their Engineers’ Council representative. We will offer extra points for org leadership that attends to assist orgs in gaining points towards fund requesting. The workshop will be created and geared towards student organizations and how they can be more inclusive to populations in which they are lacking representation.This will ensure that leaders in Engineers’ Council supported organizations are trained in fostering inclusivity and can carry out principles into their own organizations. If leaders are unable to attend the ECouncil sponsored training, they will be able to make it up by attending one of the diversity trainings put on by the COE. However, any and all students in the College of Engineering are welcome to attend the training. Engineers’ Council is working with local organizations to provide this training. More details about this workshop are yet to come.

We are also in the process of building a “Equality and Inclusion” committee, and a “Equality and Inclusion” section on our website. The committee’s responsibilities will include updating this tab with resources for engineering and architecture organizations to use to educate themselves about racial injustice, as well as providing them with ways to foster inclusion within their communities. This committee will also be tasked with planning E-Council sponsored events that promote inclusion on campus, and educate students about racial injustice and its history. We have also arranged for committee members to have meetings with the Dean of the COE, to discuss ways to combat injustices on campus. We are asking the committee to create an anonymous link in which students can share encounters on campus in which they endured microagressions, racial profiling, or other forms of discrimination that made them feel uncomfortable. These encounters will be brought to the Dean during monthly meetings

If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please fill out the application below.

Due 10/1/20

The first event under our “Equality and Inclusion” initiative will be a series of round tables, in which students are encouraged to come and converse about racial bias and current racial inequity on campus. We hope that this event will allow students to become more educated on issues of racial injustice, and that it will foster an environment in which students can suggest changes they wish to see within the COE to help foster equality. The details of this series are being finalized, and will be updated soon.